Many of the items you already own can be repurposed and combined in new ways to create unique fashionable looks! A member of Goo's staff will assist you in recreating stylish looks with your own clothes. You'd be surprised how your own clothes pieces can be recreated into amazing fashionable statements!


A dedicated team member from Goo's staff will assist you in pursuing your closet and supplementary storage areas for your clothing items that are due for replacement. The respective items will then be designated for donation or disposal, we know that this process can be emotionally difficult, especially for the ladies, so Goo's staff will be patient and understanding but we we ask that you trust our investment in making your closet as stylish as it deserves to be!

Some of the items you already own will be kept in the staff will offer uniquely fashionable wins for you to wear your close we will also organizing the closet space replicating a mini-boutique so that each day can feel like a personal shopping experience free from clutter and headache. This exciting process will make way for the fresh items we will place in your closet after your personal shopping experience!



I have been privileged to style and shop for some of the top celebrities of this era! Those opportunities have afforded me the ability to gather consignment pieces to sell to the everyday fashionistos/fashionistas as yourself. These exclusive pieces have been seen on some of fashion's most coveted runways and worn by A-list celebrities. All of these consignment pieces are final sale!


A member of Goo's staff will accompany you on a shopping experience to select items that every man/woman needs for his/her basic wardrobe.  We will also spend time picking up a few items for that special night on the town or that glamorous red carpet event! Is shopping a bit overwhelming for you or do you wonder if you will ever have the time? No worries! We provide an option for a staff member to shop for you and bring the items to your requested destination.


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Consultations for those in the fashion industry.

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